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Using superbly accurate, natural and modern Color Analysis for your personal colors, selecting fashion and buying women's and men's clothes with this new and exciting Color Analysis method, and knowing that it works for you beautifully, is very rewarding.  Using the high quality techniques of My Beauty Colors for your coloration is essential to having a fresh, stylish wardrobe that makes you look fantastic. There is Joy in it. It raises the question, 'Can your life be complete without it?'

Finding the perfect Color Profile for your beauty is simple, because from the many that are available, you will narrow it down quickly and be able to spot the right one usually at once. That includes seasonal colorings - Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter - and their offshoot and hybrid colorations possessed by the new generation.

In use by gorgeous movie stars (and their expert makeup consultants), they are recommending that you apply this color analysis technique, not just for your wardrobe. There is no better way to showcase your natural personal good looks, than with your new Beautiful-Me-Colors with a touch of Hollywood glam. The results are My Best Colors, which say My Best Looks the best. You will love the skin you are in.

One of the advantages to buying new clothes that flatter you, is it picks up a person's attitude or state of mind. Men's, women's and children's fashions you have selected after acquiring knowledge about Winning Colors, are feel-good items. You need to know your personal colors. Become someone who learns how to turn those favorite feel-good items into looking-good items, as well. You want clothes that satisfy, and that you will remain happy with. Have a quick look right now at Winning Colors Analysis and You.  People who use this method, young, old, men, or women are glad they do!

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Here is where the personal colors found in what's-trending Winning Colors Analysis goes into play. Otherwise, all you will be looking at (if you are like most) is a pile of clothes you bought, but wish you could feel better about. When you got home and found wearing them – well, quite a few just looked better when they were hanging on a hanger in the clothing store.

What a waste, and then you have to decide if this will have to become a return, or a donation pick up? It means that you have not had a Winning Colors personal best fashion, design, and color analysis. You know it, and have found what it leads to:

The Non-Working Wardrobe

A better goal, one that better protects your self-esteem, is:

The Good, Working Wardrobe

Find the key to your perfect wardrobe.  As you fit them into your daily life, clothes from your good, working wardrobe make you feel happy, by looking and feeling so fine that you truly love them. A Color Analysis session is recommended to help you find your style and best colors. This protects your self-esteem, as well as your cash, as it is far more cost-effective. Most people spend over $1,000 a year on clothing, so this is a major expense that you want to be sure is in your favor.

The cause of the avoidable non-working wardrobe (one that a person dreads, because you invested money in it but it does not work), is simple. So simple that it has become common to overlook it. What you can’t see CAN hurt you.  It never hurts to have a personal Winning Colors Analysis, learning your best colors and color combinations.  Here is why:

Your worthiest ally in eliminating the dreaded non-working wardrobe, is you. You are the shopper who is seeking to fill out your valuable wardrobe – one that adds to your look's appeal, and saves you money. You are IT from the very first moment you enter the men's or women's clothing store, whether at an internet shop, inside your local retail clothing store, or at the department store's clothing section. Here is what you arrive armed with:

• Your first thought is for the purpose of the item, meaning, will this be women's formal apparel, or are you looking at wedding dresses for a wedding or other big event? Mens ties, or women's fall and winter sports clothing? Young women's clothing? Undies, swim wear, workwear, casual? These are questions you can easily answer.

• You are cost-conscious, so you know to look only at things you can afford.

• Next, you are looking for the proper size. You probably have considerable savvy about whether it fits you, or can be made to fit. There is always the fitting room.

• Observation of the fabric the item is made from. You select from choices the store’s buyer has already made for you. That includes styles, patterns, and all else the fashion designers have in mind.

• Here is where your modern Color Analysis comes in.

What is the item's COLOR?

The last is a real question mark. Due to all-too-common misperceptions and misinformation, you are opening the door to the non-working wardrobe. This results from not being able to clearly see what the item’s color, fabric, and style could do for you and how you look (or how a project you are working on will look). This is true even though instinct tells you they could make a big difference. So you follow your usual practice, ending up buying something you might not actually like, in the long run.

That could lead to costly failure. Styles, pattern, design and color, the last areas, are the weakest, after your admitted strengths in correct sizing and purpose. Would using a search engine tell you the meanings of shopping by color? No, for what to wear (and what not to wear), you need to be empowered by having reliable, solid knowledge to work with. Learn about colors training. That is the how-to knowledge which forwards your good, working wardrobe.

Beauty Analysis-Color: Your personal color analysis is part of wardrobe essentials, preventing wardrobe malfunctions, and offering fashion tips and hair suggestions.

So, where can you obtain that desirable, reliable, totally natural knowledge about your most flattering colors? Do you have a Summer Palette, a Winter Palette, or want to know what the Autumn Colors, or Deep Winter Colors are? Or do you just want to look more beautiful, or handsomer than ever before, totally sensational, by knowing your personal color samples? Savor the colors in your color collection, and get some terrific fashion advice specifically for you.  Check out My Best Looks, and sign up for The Winning Colors Times monthly free newsletter.

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