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Wendy J. Smith's ALL YOUR WINNING COLORS was a work of art for art's sake for over 10 years, as she delved into the subject of color analysis. This was inspired by the fact that color analysis had attained great popularity among some people, but not all, and posed many questions for which she sought answers. Using her training, observations, and experience as an artist, she was able to acquire a new take on this (old) subject.

Her formal training consists of studying art at Syracuse University in New York; Larry Gluck's original fine arts school, Mission: Renaissance on Rome Dr. in Los Angeles; as well as anthropology at Syracuse and the University of Arizona. These studies took her into post-graduate levels. She also studied computer technology at an advanced level from a post-secondary technical school in California.

Relevant on-the-job experience includes working for NASA doing visuals presentations for a Mars shot, on 3-D displays for high-profile court cases, on major department store fashion merchandising, as a teacher, creating websites, and designing advertising. She also has experience in making and designing women's clothing, by her own hand, and by others'.

She currently lives in North Central Illinois, but is well-traveled, having visited more than 20 countries. Of these, she has lived over one year in 4 of these places including the United States, Switzerland, France, and Libya. She spent a few significant young years in New York, and a quarter of a lifetime (28 years) in Southern and Northern California. An opportunity to leisurely cruise the Caribbean enabled her to visit almost every one of the Island Nations there, following old sailing, commerce and piracy routes. She walked in the footsteps of Ernest Hemingway on Key West, hiked all the way across Northern Jutland (Denmark) and back, enjoyed the cuisine all over France, skiied the Swiss Alps, and visited ruins of the Ancients while in North Africa. These residences and visits, some of which were due to her father's career as an executive for an international corporation, taught her to appreciate and respect the diversity of people she met along the way.

She is grateful to Wikipedia and WikiMedia, which yielded some photos that proved appropriate. These include the two photos of Marilyn Monroe on the cover of LOVE ME, LOVE MY COLORS, and a few of the fabric design samples, which she modified to suit the requirements of good illustrations of the text.

She hopes that the reported results and new Winning Colors Analysis method are of equal value and help to you, her new readers.

Color Method Studied

But most relevant of all, she studied coloring patterns in life itself, and in the people she met. Having done over 200 hours of color analysis, she began to realize that through these experiences she was incidentally developing a new system of color analysis. Winning colors analysis really works! This uniformly delighted her models and subjects. Also incidentally, amazing new wrinkles began to appear in theories of race and racial origins.

This ramped up quickly as she started writing down her methods. That grew into her first book, ALL YOUR WINNING COLORS, which includes all the colorations she could identify of the peoples of Earth.

She then realized that followers of earlier color analysis methods should be given a second chance at getting a more precise understanding of their own colorations. This led to writing and illustrating LOVE ME, LOVE MY COLORS for them, and for the newest generation of girls and women. She has also written 3 books and several magazine articles, most notably on the subjects of colors, and tourism.

How The Portraits Were Done

Her writings, although she was finding them to be delightful to her readers, demanded appropriate illustrations. She considered using photographs, but they blurred out the very details she was observing, and tended to pin the different colorations down into a standardized mold. As a result, she spent many more hours developing the pictures. They called for the creation of new techniques in art and photography, involving computerized models combined with her own creative art.

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