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Disney Florida Holiday:  4 days/3nights complimentary lodging at a resort hotel in Orlando, Florida located just minutes from Disney World.  You also get over $1,000 in coupons for food, entertainment, activities, and dinner shows around the Orlando area.  This is good for 2 adults.  You can also add children for a small fee.

Disneyland, Anaheim, CA Vacation:  3 days/2nights with lodging.

Hawaii or Puerto Vallarta Vacation:   This is known as the Western Fling Vacation; it’s two vacations in one!  This one gives you 3 days/2nights in your choice of Hawaii or Puerto Vallarta Mexico; plus an additional 3 days/2nights in either Lake Tahoe, San Diego or the Anaheim/Disneyland area.

Vacation Your Way:  3 days/2 nights at your choice of several destinations in the U.S., the Caribbean or Mexico.

Your Personal Vacation:  3 days/2 nights; up to 86 destinations to choose from.

Fabulous Florida Getaway:  3 days/2 nights stay in Florida or other selected destinations.

Las Vegas Vacation:  3 days, 2 nights stay at a major hotel, plus $500.00 in benefits to put toward meals, shows, drinks or chips.  (Valued at over $700.00)

Your Dream Vacation:  3 days/2 nights; destinations include Las Vegas, Florida, Mexico, Hawaii, Aruba, and St. Martin in the Caribbean.

Lake Tahoe, NV Vacation:  3 days/2 nights at a wonderful resort with complimentary lodging.

Honolulu, HI Vacation:  3 days/2 nights complimentary lodging.

Atlantic City, NJ Vacation:  3 relaxing days & 2 glorious nights’ complimentary lodging accommodations for 2 adults.

Nevada Vacation (Reno, Las Vegas, or Laughlin):  3 days/2 nights with lodging.

South of the Border Vacation:  Includes Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, or Cancun Mexico.  3 days/2 nights with lodging.

Branson, MO Vacation:  3 days/2 nights with lodging.

California Getaway:  3 days/2 nights lodging.  Choose from 8 exciting locations:  Anaheim, Carlsbad, Lake Tahoe, Napa Valley, Newport Beach, Palm Springs, San Francisco, or San Luis Obispo.

Canadian Holiday:  3 days/2 nights complimentary lodging for 2 adults at your choice of one of the following 5 locations:  Calgary, Alberta – Collingwood, Ontario (when available) – Jasper, Alberta – Kelowna, British Columbia – Niagara Falls.

Your Nevada Vacation:  3 days/2 nights complimentary lodging for 2 adults at your choice of Lake Tahoe, Las Vegas, Mesquite, Reno or State Line Nevada.

Your Personal Florida Holiday:  3 days/2 nights complimentary lodging for 2 adults at your choice of one of the following 10 Florida locations:  Cocoa Beach/Cape Canaveral, Daytona Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Key West, Miami Beach, New Smyrna Beach, Orlando, Palm Beach, St. Augustine, or St. Petersburg.

3 Days of Play:  3 days/2 nights complimentary lodging for 2 adults at your choice of these 6 exciting game towns:  Atlantic City, NJ – Biloxi, MS – Lake Tahoe, CA – Las Vegas, NV – Laughlin, NV – Reno, NV.

My Orlando Getaway:  4 days/3 nights’ accommodations for two at a Ramada Hotel in the Disney area, plus 2 boarding passes on the SunCruz Casino.

My Las Vegas Getaway:  4 days/3 nights’ accommodations for two at the Sahara, Palace Station, Fitzgerald’s, or the Stratosphere Resort, plus a $500 Funbook.

Gateway to Paradise:  3 days/2 nights lodging for two adults and up to 2 kids under 18 at your choice of over 60 destinations.  Bonus Bahamas Cruise & Stay Offer.

Disney World Vacation:  6 days/5 nights complimentary lodging accommodations for 2 adults.

Wanna Get Away:  3 days/2 nights complimentary lodging for 2 adults and 2 kids under the age of 18.  Choose from hundreds of nationally known hotels and exciting destinations.

Experience Orlando:  4 days/3 nights’ accommodations  for 2 adults and 2 boarding passes on the SunCruz Casino, plus a $5 table match per person.

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