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All Your Winning Colors

contains the Color Profiles, which you will recognize in an instant at the aesthetic level. As you are working on your art, decorating, including culturally-themed living spaces, and design projects, you might find the project will be ruined if you can't find the right color and design scheme. Yet, thrifty, simple, and relevant help with the selection and arrangement of colors in your work is available.

For example, let us say you have made the sun room in appropriately warm colors, but are wondering what accent colors, or what materials to use for the carpet and furniture? Can you show me?

By consulting the color palettes, finding the right Profile is easy. Simply by yourself using the Winning Colors method, you will recognize within seconds that you are using a Mixed Autumn palette for the room. Looking at other Autumn colors in the palette, and reading the text, you will find that a glowing blue-green, such as teal, is good contrast or accent to the warm colors. Textured natural fabrics like burlap, linen, corduroy or velvet; offset with rose-brown (cherry), teak, walnut, rattan, or oak wood; burnished bronze or copper for the lamps; all together will give to you the look and feel that you want.

You will amaze yourself with how beautiful and professional your project, no matter what it is, will turn out, by helping yourself with the Winning Colors method. It has applications for a variety of types of projects, is quite versatile, and useful for:


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Designer home decor, furniture, and more.

Royal Design

Cute Graphics

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Web Design

SBI! - Build an e-Business


Unique Photo - Cameras, Supplies & Accessories

Clothing & Costume Design

Clothing & Costume Design

If you want to make sure you are looking your very best, there is nothing more effective than Winning Colors.  Even when wearing a costume, the right colors can make you look better, and stand out (in a good way) from the crowd.  See what costumes are on sale, any time of the year, at

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Architecture & Landscaping

Architecture & Landscaping

Steward the planet and improve the health and appearance of your yard and landscape easily and reasonably.


color for pet

Wearable Color For A Beautiful Pet

Even our pets and animals receive benefits from a Winning Colors analysis, and wearing their best colors. Haven't you yourself seen pets that look sharp and attractive in certain colors? They have their own Winning Colors, too!


Handmade Items

Knitting Instructions For Beginners
Easy Knitting Instructions For Beginners of all ages! Learn basic knitting stitches with fun and easy knitting instructions from casting on, knit, purl, decrease, increase, ribbing, cable, and binding off. Find many easy patterns for beginners to get you started. Don't wait, Knit now. It's Free! Tools for Creativity

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colors for the sick

Therapeutic Color Healing and To Help Increase

Their Self-Esteem For Those Who Are Sick or Disabled

Colors that are naturally good for you, without therapies!


feel good

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DISCLAIMER:  Please be advised that using unique and distinctive Winning Colors Analysis Method as presented in All Your Winning Colors, Love Me Love My Colors, and any related works, writings and articles by Wendy J. Smithfor your own personal use to create a beautiful and personally flattering wardrobe, select jewelry, makeup, styles and designs for you and a few close friends and relatives without monetary compensation is within the Copyright Laws of the United States and Internationally, and customers are welcome to do so; and by extension, this also applies to any possible color design project use.  Using the said Winning Colors Analysis Method in a professional capacity for monetary compensation as a formally trained Winning Colors Analysis Method Consultant together with an evident acknowledgement in the form a Completion Certificate issued by Mark One Publications (hereinafter 'the Publisher') prominently displayed, also constitutes agreement with such Laws, provided such use is not in conjunction with other methods and/or different terminology.  Any other use of the original methods as researched, written, illustrated, taught, discussed, used and published by Wendy J. Smith through the Publisher constitutes intellectual property fraud, and the perpetrator(s) can be prosecuted.  The Publisher cannot be responsible for any errors or omissions made on the part of the customer while applying Winning Colors techniques whether formally trained by the Publisher of the method or not.  If a question arises about this, anyone is invited to reach out to the Publisher with their query.