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Mark One Publications is an independent press. We specialize in editing, printing, publishing, distribution and promotion of our books in print by new and promising authors, who are making a human interest statement. Our current featured author is Wendy J. Smith. All our books are printed in the USA and guaranteed (see end of page).

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"We Are Making A Difference"

Winning Colors is the new generation technology for achieving enhancement to your natural looks through color analysis. Results are gotten through use of portraits expressing personal coloring, suggested color palettes with styling designs, hair styles (including Black hair styles), suggestions for accessories, and simple beauty tricks that are most complementary to your Profile. You will find the method so easy to use. It will be a rousing life-changer for you, for your friends, and your family, for a lifetime.

Orders for Love Me, Love My Colors and All Your Winning Colors can be made now by contacting Mark One Publications, using the contact form below. We will save a copy for you from the latest printing, when you request it by placing an order. If you are interested, placing your order now is a good idea, because these books tend to sell out fast.

In addition to the books, Mark One Publications is the only company currently offering training in the Winning Colors color analysis method.

Each coloring Profile has its own recommended colors and designs Palette.  The tech on how-to identify the dominant and recessive influences that point the way to a Palette of most flattering colors and designs, is what the Courses are all about.  It is easy to learn to spot certain physical traits that tip you off as to which Palette is the right one for any individual.



Mark One Publications is proud to announce the release of Wendy J. Smith's LOVE ME, LOVE MY COLORS. Richly and professionally illustrated, it brings the magic of Winning Colors Analysis to the reader in a way no other book can. Containing 126 pages, 21 portraits, and 23 original full-page, full-color palettes, there can be no better value than this book on Winning Colors Analysis.

It will not lead you to artificial beauty, nor is it a 30 day beauty secret being sold to you quickly looking for a hefty profit, with few benefits for you. It is a compelling new book about color analysis, for those who are on a campaign for real beauty. Containing 44 artistic and informative color illustrations, it is not a new beauty magazine, either.


Fashion's Color Analysis

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and also



First Release


International Edition

Mark One Publications is re-releasing this revised and updated title, comprehensive in scope, also by Wendy J. Smith. This work is the International Edition, covering all the world's peoples. It includes classic as well as new, beautiful and intriguing portraits and palettes for both men and women.

It takes you on a world tour, discovering the peoples of earth, and with a world map, indexed coloring profiles, history, legends and anecdotes. You will find colors and styles so you can arrange your best wardrobe ever. For this work, the author called upon her extensive world travels, and brings the world's people to life. It is also a design tool for professionals from many walks of life, including, among others:

• Architects

• Homemakers and hand-crafters

• Web site designers

• Beauty professionals

• Chefs

• Artists and art teachers

• Photographers

• Gardeners and landscape architects

• Designers

• People (anyone) who want to know even more about colors and design options that are most flattering to their natural looks, and included are their family's origins.


Complete Color Analysis Book

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Take advantage of our economical lowest price Personal Winning Color Analysis Session ever offered, with any Mark One book titles.

This is the best time for you to shop for, read and use the Winning Colors Method. Take advantage of our new books with FREE SHIPPING! PLUS, EVERY CUSTOMER RECEIVES A DISCOUNT ON ALL ORDERS.

Ask about our special library, book store, and international orders additional discounts. Clicking here will take you to the page that links to full options and discounts, plus two great money-making opportunities to work online from home.




Your comments, questions, suggestions, purchases or requests for permissions are welcomed.

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This Money-Back Guarantee by Mark One Publications covers Book Purchase and Color Analysis Consultation under these conditions:  If you made the Book Purchase on this site but received it improperly or damaged, if still like-new you can exchange it for a different Mark One Product instead of money back; and/or if you received a Winning Colors Consultation and were dissatisfied with the results, having first communicated the nature of your dissatisfaction in detail to the Winning Colors Consultant and attempts were made to correct it.




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