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My Best Looks

My Best Looks

Color My Beauty With Colors Analysis

Color My Beauty With Color-Analysis

Many people, and color design experts, alike agree that nothing says My Best Look, or makes you look and feel more attractive, than a good Winning Colors Analysis wardrobe in flattering fashion color analysis colors. This is a cheap, simple yet advanced level of knowledge about the best, most winning color analysis, design, and your beauty. It is really making fashion news.

cute & fashionable

Très, très chic!*

*As the French say, So very cute and fashionable!

Value Of Custom Wardrobe

The Value Of a Custom Wardrobe Using Winning Colors Analysis for Your Best Looks

Beauty Contest Winners
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Ask winners of any of the beauty contests if they took their own style and personal colors into consideration when choosing their competition wardrobes. They will always say, Yes. It influences what beauty products they use, and even their nail color, because it is so important to a flattering look.

However, perhaps you are not a beauty contestant. You only want to organize your closets, need more closet organizer ideas, and are going to build your everyday, travel wardrobe, workwear, or work wardrobe into a Wow! wardrobe. Or, whether you are planning for a wedding, some kind of celebration, or anniversary event several excellent tips can be found here: Women's Formal Clothing.

Whatever your purpose, an accurate skin tone color analysis will help you, in many ways, some of which you may not have considered. Wendy J. Smith's new colorbook, Love Me, Love My Colors really works. You will be able to spot your profile easily, effortlessly and quickly. The Winning Colors Method will bring all the best NEW, researched information about your personal colors, home to you -- two books not just to be read, but to be experienced: Love Me, Love My Colors (for fashion-minded women), and All Your Winning Colors (for everyone).

All Color Families

All Your Winning Colors is a method that welcomes people from all backgrounds and every color family. You will be amazed at the kind of information that arose during the course of the author's investigation. While DNA is another exciting gene technology, Winning Colors Analysis has developed a new way to analyze personal colors with even more precision.

For example, a forensic expert on DNA could make the observation that the individual he is studying has genes for brown eyes.

On the other hand, a Winning Colors Analysis expert can make the observation that the same person has brown eyes with a cognac undertone, and a dark, slim rim around the iris. The eyes sparkle rather than shine. This is how it helps to further identify your coloration, so you can more easily find your own best looks.

Steal the Show With Styles, Pattern and Design

Fashion leaders have always known that COLOR is very important to a flattering look. But what about styles, pattern and design? Those can be equally important, and related to the color of the item.

For example, if you bought a well-designed wrap dress for a cocktail party, and it fits your figure and mood well, however--imagine that it was made of cotton gingham, even though it is a flattering, pretty blue-green?

What if you bought a peignoir set for nightwear in a beautiful charmeuse silk, and it is a flattering color for you--but it is an athletic style, composed of a baseball henley and boxer shorts?

The Winning Colors Method

knows how to prevent errors such as this, and so each profile is complete in going into styles, pattern and design as well as your most beautiful personal colors.

You will be looking at fall and winter collections, and fall-winter fashions (whether you want to or not -- they seem to burst from the mail box), with many styles for men, women and children. Winning Colors Analysis is a big helping hand when you have so many styles from which to choose. You will be spending your money more wisely, knowing how to buy clothes that really suit you best.

And, as fashion guru Gabrielle "Coco" Bonheur Chanel once observed:

cccccccccc"Fashion is not something that exists in
ccccccccdresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in
ccccccccthe street, fashion has to do with ideas,
ccccccccthe way we live, what is happening."

It is not possible to leave fashion out of the picture when thinking, or re-thinking, about our wardrobes.

For more information, CLICK HERE to read a fascinating issue of The Winning Colors Times Newsletter, February, Year 2015.


To get the best tips, trends, styles and advices for women's fashion, hair styles for all, and beauty and in a hurry, in a way that celebrates women, click to go to EverBeautiful.


Gentlemen's Clothing Choices

It is said that Clothes Make The Man. Men have these same identified colorings, and receive the very same benefits from having a Winning Colors Analysis to reveal your personal colors. In addition, generally they have a different preferred range of colors and styles. The book in which the Winning Colors Analysis method is first explained is Love Me, Love My Colors, and was written primarily for the ladies, quite a chick book. Previously, the only time a man received a color analysis, was when his wife, daughter or girlfriend analyzed his colors for him.

But, trust Mark One Publications to make sure everyone gets their chance to help themselves with Winning Colors Analysis method. A second and more comprehensive title, All Your Winning Colors, was written with men in mind (as well as women). See the Mark One Publications tab for more information about this inspiring and exciting release event. This is where you will find proven results for your best colors and styles. These results are so authentic it will amaze you.


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"I was amazed. It is a very interesting study of the subject, and will be a good help for those who do not have certainty with regard to their season."

--Johanna Ertmann, Best-Selling Author on 4-Season Colors


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