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Love Me, Love My Colors

"I've studied color analysis for many years now - and Wendy knows more about it than anyone! If you are truly interested in what your 'season' is, or what the best colors for you are - read her book! She has put a lot of research into her method, and it is unlike any other. The absolute best!"  --TJ, Mother of 2

This book is awesome! It's really simple and makes sense, straightforward and upfront. Great for people our age, or any age for that matter." --TS, Real Estate Manager

"LOVE ME, LOVE MY COLORS offers a very interesting and unique perspective on how to find the specific colors that are right for you. This handy guide will give you tips on how to better select anything from makeup to clothing, hair color and more--all without having to leave the comfort of your home! Well-written and easy to read, I'd suggest this to anyone looking to take the guesswork out of finding his/her best colors!" --CH, Business Owner

"Picks up where Carole Jackson left off. Very nice, easy-to-use handbook format." --Name Withheld, CEO

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All Your Winning Colors

"I found this book to be a very helpful, quick and easy read. I would recommend this book to any who wish to expand their color schemes." --J. Wrangle, Chicago, IL

"I was amazed... It is a very interesting study of the subject and will be a good help for those who do not have certainty with regard to their season." --Johanna Ertmann, Best-Selling Author on 4-Season Colors

"I found it very informative and can see how these particular colors would help me feel good in knowing that I found the look that I like. It’s given me more confidence in my choice of clothing." --Douglas Lindsay, Investor

"I think this is just a wonderful book, I love it so much! I think the author should be very proud of having written it." --Sister Melaine Patterson, Soul Singer and Natural Black Stylist

"It is fascinating!" --Yvonne Davidson-Lui, Fashion Design

"I'm very much looking forward to using the palettes for interior decorating the vintage Cambridge house we are renovating, using information in the book." --Douglas DeMay, Attorney

"This book is so very interesting. Anyone should read it because in so many neighborhoods it is important that your home fit in with the styles and colors of its era." --Rosemarie Semon, Home Decorator

"I like it a lot! There is quite a bit of information in it."  --Peter McGlothlin, Legal Administrator

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Both Color Books

"I already read both books and I'm especially glad for ALL YOUR WINNING COLORS. It's simply amazing! I found my own coloring as well: deep cool winter, and my own color palette exactly matches the description. Excellent job, just keep going." --Paola Bronee, Student

"Purchased both LOVE ME, LOVE MY COLORS and ALL YOUR WINNING COLORS a week or so ago and love them!!! Found them on  I did enjoy both of your books.  What I liked most is the attention to detail for each possibility; made it easy to identify myself.  Just ordered a reprint of the Classic Summer palette, and received it in perfect condition.  This is such a fresh approach to color analysis."  --T. Milwood, Computers Vocational Teacher


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