Clothes Make the Man

"Clothes make the man,"

as said by Mark Twain.

said by Mark Twain

Handsome Is

As Handsome Does

What does a man do when he wants to look his best? This can happen when applying for work or school, or for a special date--even on the tennis court. Maybe you haven't taken the time to spend with a personal trainer yet to participate in a physical discipline program to reduce fat and improve muscle tone. But you can get your man-colors that best suit you, your fashion, and your lifestyle, in a jiffy.

You need immediate help, yet your options are few, other than color analysis, to make that personal statement, and stand out. The tools that women (exceptions are actors and news anchors) usually use don't apply: no make up, can't get your hair done, no nail polish or fancy, female clothes. What to do?


Color Analysis Is Your Most Effective Best Looks Option for Men and Boys

This is your best option:


This book offers real help, real fast. A man is sometimes aware that wearing a particular color or style greatly influences his looks--making him appealing or not. This is most often due to his inherited personal coloring.

Color analysis and design are parts of wearable art, which clothing becomes if you start to really look at it. Color is an important but too often overlooked subject. Previously only artists came face-to-face with color, and had to study it. See, in particular, VanGogh, Rubens, Matisse, Chagall, Cassatt, DaVinci himself and Claude Monet on Color.

Winning Colors Analysis Technology Is a Way Out

This method, by helping you find your personal best man-colors, will make you a better clothes shopper, whether you shop for online clothes you find at, prefer Tommy Bahamas clothes, need big men's summer clothing, men's coats, t-shirts, workwear, or big men's jeans. The usefulness of the Winning Colors method is good even if you are looking to buy designer fashion, men's dress shirts, formalwear, or bow ties.

Wearing a dress shirt, your loungewear, cowboy boots, men's underwear, cashmere sweaters and polos in your most flattering colors and styles, leads the way in attractiveness for the modern male. This is true, even for teen clothing, teen fashion and boy designer clothes.

Divided into mapped areas where families of colorations can be found, this book contains Profiles for European and non-European colorings, about equally. Reading it takes the struggle out of color guessing and uncertainty to achieve My Best Looks. And saves you money in the bargain!

Here is a quote from


"Do men have something to gain from this book? Yes, men, too, have the coloring of any of these special types. They certainly can find the look they want (or do not want) by knowing about their Winning Colors, and are encouraged to do so. Ideas for men are included in the text for each category."

There is information on this subject regarding eye, hair and skin tone coloration, and what clothes go with them best, that was never known before. It is available only in this book.

Gentlemen should not feel self-conscious about examining their most flattering colors in light of their personal coloration. After all, you could not do any worse than the vain youth Narcissus, son of a Greek god and goddess, river-god Kephisos and the fountain-nymph Liriope.  Their son was renowned for his personal beauty.

This is his story: Narcissus, the handsome demi-god, fell in love with his own image reflected in a glassy, mirror-like pool -- it may have been a well, not a pool. As the tale goes, he became so involved with admiring his own beautiful face, that he leaned over the water too far. That made him lose his balance, and he fell head-first into the pool. Unfortunately, he met his demise when he suddenly became acutely aware that he did not know how to swim, and could not recover from his situation.

Picasso's Harlequin

Picasso's 'Harlequin'

Poor Narcissus!  He drowned in his own vanity.

However, you would not be able to come by any similar harm by just by reading and using All Your Winning Colors, containing Profiles of individual colorings,


All You Need to Do

All you need to do is buy it, read it, use it. See for yourself how it helps you save on clothing costs, while making you look better through your most flattering colors and styles. So comfortable with how you look and feel, it actually enhances your life! Believe me, the ladies will notice your enviable new man-colors looks with admiration.

Other men and people in general, too, have felt that your looks improved.

Plus it's fast and very easy to use.

This new book has been found to help take all the guesswork out of dressing. How nice to have a wardrobe full of clothes that seem tailor-made just for you. It makes a noticeable difference in how you look and feel, however...

You'll Never Know Unless You Try

Everyone has had a wardrobe failure from time to time, where you wish you had consulted Winning Colors Analysis! ALL YOUR WINNING COLORS will change all that -- it will save your money and increase your enjoyment of life! There is no more cost-effective way to have a great wardrobe, and your closet will ALWAYS yield the right items when you need them. There is no more fool-proof way to buy clothes, which you already do, but don't you want to be more sure that your purchases will pay off? And make you more attractive in the bargain? A quick and pleasant read, it will yield rewards day after day, time after time. No matter where you or your family are from, you will love your new looks!

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At AMAZON, Your Best Color & Wardrobe Design Today, And See How Great You Can Look With The Right Clothes Always Present, Ready-To-Go In Your Wardrobe, No Matter Where You Call Home!

Look for clues, and track down the

enigma of your own personal coloration.


You need this book because...

Look good...

Feel good...

You need this book.


Take One Now


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All Your Winning Colors

It's always available from the publisher, just click on the book.

Also available at Amazon and shop for it on E-bay.

Personal Testimonial

Personal Testimonial

....I found it very informative, and can see how these particular colors would help me feel good in knowing that I found the look that I like.  It has given me more confidence in my choice of clothing.

Douglas L., Investor


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