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All Your Winning Colors

A Good Read For Any Ethnicity, Age or Gender,
Winning Colors Analysis Is A Design Technology That Anyone Can Use For Their Personal Benefit!

If you would enjoy a richly illustrated literary armchair Grand World Tour around Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania and the Americas, you will find something absolutely new on your hands: Winning Colors Analysis.

The writer and illustrator of All Your Winning Colors was pleased to find through her research, that all the world's peoples' colorings are organized by clans or families. They can be found to go back through genetics to more basic colorings configurations. Using this information added to the 4-season color analysis technology, has helped shine a light on best color schemes for all colorations, Winning Colors Analysis. The information presented is about half for and about people with European and Nordic backgrounds, and half for non-European backgrounds. Included are an index and a World Map.

This is a new look at inherited traits, as well as a feel-good beauty and fashion tool, for all ethnicities, races, ages and genders.

Human interest students, clothing designers and creators, color analysis professionals, or those interested in physical anthropology, genetics and art also find plenty of relevant and vital content in these books. There are unlimited possibilities in these fields for the study of individual colorations, which are enriched by the Winning Colors method.

Since it has never been done before, perhaps African-American chatrooms haven't been discussing Winning Colors Analysis visualization much -- yet! And influential women, women entrepreneurs, Black entrepreneurs, Black brides, and African American business are about to catch up.

Here is a record of human colorations at the beginning of the 21st Century. Imagine how interesting it would be so see what changes in colorings have occurred, when the content of this book is referred back to in the 22nd Century, 100 years from now?

Artists have a new tool in being able to observe their portrait subjects in the context of this updated report about colorations in general.

The field of physical anthropology can take a step up, in the light of Winning Colors. These books represent the first attempt to tie in information about the colorings of people all over the globe. 

The Grand World Tour

Don't Miss This Boat, Don't Miss Out!

Europe's Color-Filled Families

Find out more about European and Nordic coloring, as it applies to you. Although much has been said and designed-about, there is much left to know!

Using seasonal terms to describe colorings of people from Europe and English-speaking lands, has provided a useful tool. By having a look at Classic Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Light Winter colorings, a way was found to spot the previously elusive Mixed and Non-Classic colorings (which most of us have). Come along and help yourself to this new information, finding your own personal best me-colors, like never before. It will be surprisingly helpful to you and yours.

A First -- Exploring Black Colorings

It takes you on an adventurous world tour to see people's colorations from around the planet. Included are the easy, exciting Winning Colors design technology, anecdotes, lore, legends, conscious travel, the New Mixed Deep Winter melting pot, and historical notes.

You will see additional information for people past 50, men, children, as well as international, decorating, and fashion design themes for best-looking color design. There are sections on New Mixed Deep Winter (North American Black), with profiles and color palettes.

Also, previously unknown things about African and Caribbean Blacks, and other Deep Winters all over the world are explored. Each Profile includes a color palette of personal sample colors. There is a thorough look at colors for Deep Winters. This is exciting. You are invited to join us in breaking new ground here!

Nordic Skin Tone Analysis

Nordic countries' native citizens will be pleased to learn all about personal profiles found in:

• Denmark

• Sweden

• Norway

• Finland

• Iceland

• The Baltics (Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia)

You will be amazed to have this information about your special Scandinavian colorings.


People living on beautiful Pacific Islands and Australia will love the profiles and palettes. Come and explore the Pacific, its past, present, and future with us.


For example, what do the population of India and the population of Europe have in common? In order to get the answer, we took a sneak peek at the physical anthropology of the people in these areas. We used physical anthropology, genetics, and art to help us find answers, and you can too!

Is Your Family...

•   American, English, Scottish, Irish, German, Italian, French

•   N., S., or Middle American, Mexican, Spanish

•   Canadian, Swiss, Dutch, Nordic, Baltic

•   Greek, Turkish, E. European, Mediterranean, Israeli, Middle Eastern

•   Indian, S. Asian, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese, S. Asian

•   African, Amerindian, Carib, Indonesian, or of Arctic Peoples?

These families (plus some that are not listed) are in All Your Winning Colors, together with Mixed and Classic Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter!

You Are Invited To Explore, All While Learning About Your Family

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What about the 4 human races, and why?

Why you need and want to own this book.

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and take the Winning Colors Road that provides a way to greater style, comfort, and elegance, for all those who seek it.

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