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The In-Person Professional Color Analysis Session Consultation will change your ready-to-wear wardrobe into what looks like a dream--a custom made-just-for-you designer wardrobe. In styles and colors made-to-measure for your natural good looks. Comes with free personal Winning Colors Palette and printed Colors Profile, plus a free copy of Love Me, Love My Colors or All Your Winning Colors. An in-person color analysis session is normally priced at $100 per session, or $28 per 15-minute additional segment.

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WikiPedia has declared that Color Analysis is an art.  Buy and receive a quality Professional Colors Consultation by an artistic, highly trained person. A Winning Colors session is useful, not only for enhanced personal beauty, but for art, landscaping, crafts, interior design, delectable food presentation, and many other color design uses, any coloring project. An expert can help you with any project involving color. Unused Color Analysis minutes will be rebated to you, or kept on your account for the next time you would like Color Analysis Service -- the choice is yours.

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