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by Wendy J. Smith


NOTE: In the book, each 4-8 page text Profile

has its own portrait and palette.



My Best Looks - Spring

- Profile Portrait Sample -
Spring, Recessively Winter

Spring, Recessively Winter Portrait

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Spring Coloring

- Profile Portrait Sample -
Classic Light Winter

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Winter Coloring

- Palette Sample -
Winter, Recessively Summer

Winter, Recessively Summer Palette

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Warm Winter Coloring

- Palette Sample -
Warm Light Winter
(Completed by Classic Light Winter)

Warm Light Winter Sample

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Winter, Recessively Autumn

The single most common Winter mix to be is recessively Autumn. This is because, when Warm Light seasons are mixed with Winter, it tends to blend into Autumn recessiveness. When there is a dynamic mix of gold and blue undertone (if the dominant Winter is cool), it will give a greenish undertone. That is a fascinating fire-and-ice look.

There could be a warm, glowing double-gold undertone from a Warm Winter-Autumn mix. Also in the mix are glowing, deep rose-brown, deep warm brown, blue or green eyes, with a slim dark rim around the iris. What an attractive, practical, and dramatic coloring blend to have!...

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New Mixed Deep-Winter

People of color in the United States have a history going back as far as the first European settlers to the East Coast of America, where they arrived by slave ship. It was a miserable journey, I am sure, from Africa, through the Caribbean. Initially they were moved to and held in Southern States to work on plantations and in homes. Prior to emancipation, a few slaves were able to escape through an elaborate underground escape route, called The Railroad. All African-Americans (and other Deep Winters located around the world) have at least some ancestors with African roots, but can have a surprisingly high admixture of European light seasons.

If this is the case, or you suspect it, regardless of the darkness of this person’s skin, you could do fine with the Classic Light Winter Palette, outright or recessively any other season. ...

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Introducing: Classic Spring-Autumn

This is the brightest and most delicate group of all the seasons. Since both Spring and Autumn have a warm undertone, the Spring-Autumn person can have a double-gold undertone! Or she can also have a very light, creamy complexion. Because the skin is so refined, a slight sheen like candle wax can be seen. Often there is strawberry-pink color warming the cheeks, and she can be prone to blushing!

So, you have decided that it is very difficult to choose colors for yourself and loved ones with this coloring. But, in fact, it is no more difficult than looking in...

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Summer, Recessively Spring

Influenced by light, bright Spring, you have the pale colors turned up to be brighter, more intense in tone.

Indeed, those colors are the same as those found in gardens that bloom starting in late Spring through the Summer. Gentle and bright colors of an English garden and accompanying green foliage were made for you. Note that this only refers to the color, not patterns, as big, bold flowery patterns are inconsistent.

Included are sueded petal colors of the rose, daffodil, white magnolia, blue periwinkle, orchid, pink apple-blossoms, dandelion, bluebell, hyacinth, and blue violets. Notice that none of the colors contain a lot of orange. Your Palette and wardrobe might be getting too bright for Summer coloring, were it not for the following foliage colors: leaf, fern, moss, and the luminous gray-green of garden foliage during a Summer shower.

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