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All Your Winning Colors Sample Pages

by Wendy J. Smith


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the Foreword

This is the story of observations about inherited colorings of people, to help you create your most attractive wardrobe.  Winning Colors technique is based on artistic principles of color and harmony.  Modern anthropological and genetic understandings have been respected, and are easily perceived, recognized and confirmed.  None of the material is to be used or intended to suppress, evaluate or provide a foundation for prejudice against any particular man, woman, [child] or group.




Cool Winter

(Completed by the Classic Winter Palette)

Winter With A Cool Undertone
Reference for Cool Winter
Cool Winter

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Referenced in Profiles For
Your Most Attractive Jewelry Metals

Reference for Key to the Metals


Autumn, Recessively Summer

Autumn Recessively Summer Palette
Reference for Autumn, Recessively Summer
Autumn Recessively Summer


Mixed Summer

Mixed Summer Portrait
Reference for Mixed Summer
Mixed Summer
Winter, Recessively Autumn

Winter, Recessively Autumn

Winter Recessively Autumn Portrait
Reference for Winter, Recessively Autumn
Winter Recessivelty Autumn

American Indigenous People

Reference for Native Americans
American Indigenous Peoples

Summer, Recessively Spring

Reference for Summer, Recessively Spring
Summer Recessively Spring

New Mixed Deep Winter/

African-American Portrait
Reference for African-American

Summer, Recessively Autumn

Reference for Summer, Recessively Autumn
Summer Recessively Autumn
Summer, Recessively Autumn

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This is the story of observations about inherited colorings of people, to help you create your most attractive wardrobe. Winning Colors technique is based on artistic principles of color and harmony. Modern anthropological and genetic understandings have been respected, and are easily perceived, recognized and confirmed. None of the material is to be used or intended to suppress, evaluate or provide a foundation for prejudice against any particular man, woman, [child] or group.

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All Your Winning Colors
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All Your Winning Colors
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"I found this book to be a very helpful, quick and easy read. I would recommend this book to any who wish to expand their color schemes." --J. Wrangle, Chicago, IL



Text Profiles of 6-8 Pages Have Portraits and Palettes

A Majority Of the World's Population

A majority of the world’s population is composed of what we call Winter people, whose distinguishing features are observable, recognizably brunette dark hair and eyes. This includes families of descent from Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa, India, North and South America, the Arctic, Polynesia, the Middle East, and large parts of Russia.

You may never have had your colors analyzed. Or perhaps you did, nodding your head in agreement, but ultimately felt bewildered and confined by the season that was identified as yours as a result.

For example, as a brunette, you may have learned you are in the Winter classification. While your generic season, Winter, is basically right, the palette offered as the most harmonious and complimentary solution wasn’t fully working for you. Taking a look at this, and as a result of independent research, in this book there are many Chapters devoted to the diverse types of Winters that have been discovered to exist. The result is a more precise and useful color analysis. The right palette for you is one that looks the best when you try on and wear clothes in those colors and designs.

For the remaining people of European descent, the more fair Spring, Summer and Autumn, you are of great interest, too! There is a Profile particularly devoted to your own fascinating seasonal good looks. There are a large number of Springs, Summers and Autumns that are perplexed because they have been given the generic color palette for their season, and yet yearn to wear another season’s colors. This is because they have observed they look so great and feel right wearing some of the other colors. Those observations are actually intriguing and correct.

The purpose of this book is to further explore in greater depth both classic and mixed seasonal Profiles, as well as international Profiles.

Winter Majority
Testing Colors

Testing Your Basic Seasonal Colors

If your family ancestry is from a European background, you should have some idea at this point what your basic seasonal palette might be. The next technique for further clarification and confirmation consists of the following steps.

A department store has a great variety of clothing in all colors, and will get you out of the range of colors already existing in your closet. You may need start your clothing selections over. It is easier to do one wardrobe piece at a time. The store with a wide selection is the right one, and you need to bring only four items into the try-on room, one time. You can do this testing yourself, or bring knowledgeable friends to help you.

From the previous Profiles and palettes provided, choose the season that most closely describes you (some Profiles have more Winning Colors than others). This is then confirmed by testing colors that you would be wearing. Even if you’ve already had a color analysis done, after studying this method you may find the colors you have selected for your present wardrobe, based on a different color analysis technique, are off, ordinary, artificial, cliché, just plain detract from your natural good looks. With this new technique you will want to expand into colors that are more fresh and real for you, your Winning Colors.

Testing for Your Colors
Mediterranean Italy

Mediterranean - Italy

What a wonderful reason to have to cruise this part of the Mediterranean! Moving eastward, we arrive at the Boot of Italy where there are plenty of Mediterranean Winters. Since the Moorish influence is much less marked (Romans were the invaders of the North African coast, not the other way around), the use of Moorish patterns and colors is not advised. And there has been a Scandinavian influence, especially in the north. That is because of immigrants from northeastern Europe, who were seeking to escape domination by Asians, led by the fierce Genghis Khan and his warriors.

The Central Mediterranean palette is the Light Winter palette, with additions...

Mediterranean Colorings


Our Jeep safari to explore this great continent, a world within the world, is very revealing. African people have characteristic very tight curly hair, and dark brown or black skin and eyes. However, like the artist who is mixing black pigment with another color, there might be other colors added in that won’t be easily seen. So, too, there have been other people who have invaded or intermarried into this part of the world, even from centuries past, and have influenced the various tribes of Africa. This has contributed to the creation of several different sub-groups, although they also have developed independently.

As a note, the majority of Deep Winters do exist around the Equator, where the sun meets the earth most strongly. Speculation might say that the reason for their markedly dark coloring is to shade their bodies from too-strong UV rays as comes with very intense sunlight.

Reference for Africa

India (Cool Undertone)

Deep Winter Indians and Sri Lankans have thick black, slightly wavy, fine hair and dark skin and eyes. Due to their brunette qualities, they can best use the Cool Deep Winter palette. There is a difference though, in clothing and fabric design, for which India and surrounding areas have their own remarkable examples.

A man or woman with this coloring has a cool or bluish cast to the undertone of the skin. It differs from the rest of India, which has a warm undertone to the skin.

Reference for Indian Colorings


Our pilot is keeping pretty busy, visiting all the ancient hot spots of China. They are not ruins at all, but are very well cared for and still in use today. Of course, there are northern, central, southern, western and eastern Chinese groups. Our problem has become how to go into this broad a category?

Well, an easily identifiable type is the person who is pure Mandarin Chinese with warm-undertoned, slightly transparent skin, and fine, copious, straight black hair and dark brown eyes. High cheekbones set off the narrow, slightly up tilted dark brown eyes. The eyes have that Asian epicanthic fold, which scientists have determined improves the accuracy of their vision. And a very shallow nose bridge.

Simple, repetitive geometric designs...

Reference for Chinese Colorings
Classic Spring

Classic Spring

Among the group of people we call blonds, we have Springs. Spring people have a wholesome, fresh-faced look, and are generally agreed to have a light gold undertone to their skin. Classic Springs have light blond, golden blond, or golden brown hair. The eyes are often blue, blue-green, aqua, light brown, golden brown and light, of a solid color, beaming and sparkling. Springs are not too tall, and do tend to have small golden or medium-brown freckles!

But Springs are the most delicate of all the seasons, and should be careful not to get too much sun. Springs are native to Europe, and can be seen almost everywhere on the Continent, from Ireland to Scotland, through England, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, into Eastern Europe, Western and Central Scandinavia, and among their American descendants. Usually they have blond hair, although it can shade to dark golden brown.

To complement this look... [recommended] colors are key.

Classic Spring

Greater Literacy Hoped For

Our pilot is so intrigued with all this, after he finishes his around-the-world trip, he will give up flying. He will return with an exploratory dive boat to confirm Atlantis ruins others have found south of Florida. He will also explore for new ones, taking his archeological searches underwater.

We, on the other hand, are wishful that people had kept better records, so reliance on tales and legends could be replaced with firmer knowledge. But that would have required greater literacy, which was scarce in those early days.

Greater Literacy Hoped For

One-Of-A-Kind Coloring


During our trip, colors and clothing style Profiles have been found for each type of coloring. Although an effort has been made to include every existing coloring family, group or sub-group, there will still remain a few individuals who were not able to bring home their Winning Colors.

Although you will have been able to show off some good new color design ideas for your home! But let us see if we can still improve upon your personal colors, with your help.


You will end up with your basic palette, and borrowing colors from other palettes to complete your own. Not to be forgotten is that each person, being an individual, may have certain specific colors that he or she knows is a favorite Winning Color.

By all means add your own color that is missing (or remove one that you don't want).


Here is a table of palette characteristics to help you make personal modifications, towards one that is just for you, reflecting an uncommon coloring.

There are many cases in which consulting an experienced expert in this color technology might be the wisest course of action, and can add additional dimensions to your Winning Colors. This is because not everything could be written down in this book.

However, Winning Colors design technique as written has been fully researched and has been observed to work close to all of the time. The action of human genetics and cultural factors has produced some predictability in the different colorations of mankind. Finding and using your precision Winning Colors can add an extra measure of interest and beauty to you, and to all that you do, and to your life.

Reference for One-Of-A-Kind Coloring