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Reading a copy of this book about Winning Color Analysis is a little like getting a new wardrobe, for less than the cost of a new pair of jeans! This researched method of finding your color palette, winning-colors-analysis, is for women and girls whose coloring is from a European background (even if you're American, Canadian, Australian, Scandinavian, and so on).

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Reading a copy of this book is like going on a grand world tour in search of your best colors, for the cost of a dinner out! In suggesting flattering colors and styles, this researched method, winning-colors-analysis, is about equally divided, explaining and presenting both European (even if you're American, Canadian, Australian, Scandinavian, and so on) color palettes, and non-European family-inherited colorings.

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Inspire yourself to do better clothes shopping by becoming familiar with your own coloring and which colors, designs and patterns best complement it.  Because you will save money down the road.  Find out now --  Winter, Summer, Spring, or Autumn?

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NOTE:  Please be advised that using unique and distinctive Winning Colors Analysis Method as presented in All Your Winning Colors and Love Me Love My Colors for your own personal use to create a beautiful and personally flattering wardrobe, select jewelry, makeup, styles and designs for you and a few close friends and relatives without monetary compensation is within the Copyright Laws of the United States and Internationally, and customers are welcome to do so; and by extension, this also applies to color design projects.  Using the said Winning Colors Analysis Method in a professional capacity for monetary compensation as a formally trained Winning Colors Analysis Method Consultant together with an evident acknowledgement in the form a Completion Certificate issued by Mark One Publications prominently displayed, also constitutes agreement with such Laws, provided such use is not in conjunction with other methods and/or different terminology.  Any other use of the original methods as researched, written, illustrated, taught, discussed, used and published by Wendy J. Smith through Mark One Publications constitutes intellectual property fraud, and the perpetrator(s) can be prosecuted.  If a question arises about this, anyone is invited to reach out to Mark One Publications with their query.  You can send an e-mail communication, or simply use the contact form.  Both are located on the left side of this linked page.