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Job Opportunities offers a New Job! It is beneficial for you to get experience marketing, and you will appreciate the strength of having sales experience on your résumé. A good place to start is by investing in this exclusive Mark One Publications Account Executive Starter Package, which includes (for a total of $25 - $30 in savings for you):

Three premium copies of Love Me, Love My Colors or of All Your Winning ColorsBoth use the Winning Colors Analysis tech.

Bonus: 50 personalized business cards containing your contact information, PLUS

Bonus: 1 pre-printed sales order book

Bonus: Free high quality sales training

You may re-sell these books at whatever price point you choose (which is usually whatever the market will bear), and pocket 100% on your sales!

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Select your package you see on the right, and order your personal Love Me, Love My Colors and/or All Your Winning Colors Account Executive Starter Package.  The price is per package, Postage-Free to your US address, paid for by the Winning-Colors-Analysis publisher). Of course, you may order both packages at the All Your Winning Colors link. If you are the Can Do person we are looking for, this job is the right choice for you!

Internet Marketing Plan

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